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how to redeem steam gift card

  Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes are an easy way to add money to your own Steam Wallet, or to give game gifts to your friends or family members. Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes are like gift vouchers that can be redeemed on Steam to purchase games, software, and any other items that can be purchased on Steam.

  Redeem a Steam Gift Card or Wallet Code

  Now you can add money directly to a friend's or family member's Steam wallet online. All you need to do is log in to Steam, choose your Steam friends and gift amount, and let us do the rest! Send and redeem physical gift cards via Steam.

  1. Open the Steam platform and select the game you want to recharge, log in to the kaletou overseas recharge store, enter the Steam Gift Card recharge page after successful registration, and click Buy Now.

  2. Enter the Steam recharge payment process, Steam live gift card recharge, support PayPal, VISA, MASTER, credit card, in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, etc. USD, EUR, AUD, CAD, GBP, etc. can be recharged on Steam.

  3. Use supports PayPal and international credit cards, gift card recharge supports VISA, Master payment is completed, wait 30 seconds to log in to the account to view.

  4.Steam recharge-Steam recharge overseas, Steam recharge overseas recharge/Steam recharge Steam gift card, gift card is a more affordable choice for overseas Chinese, register to enjoy instant discounts! 24-hour online service, multiple payments, VISA Express card Mastercard Paypal payment is charged in 1 minute. 7x24 hours service 10-year credit guarantee, safe and fast arrival, registration and free discounts in 3 minutes, and quick response to overseas Chinese exclusive HTTPS encryption protection.

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